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Parade of Garage Sales

Saturday, July 20 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Upcoming Events

Shack Chat

Stop by the Skate Shack for a cup of tea or coffee and some neighbourly communion. There’s nothing on the agenda, but making another pot of tea. Let the kids run wild at the playground or kick a ball around the field while you chat with another adult, bring a game or project you’re working on to keep your hands busy or help break the ice, make some cards for the Cards for Kindness Program or just come to be near other people without the pressure to socialize. All Inglewood residents welcome. The Skate Shack is not wheelchair accessible, but on nice days Shack Chat will spill outside - Contact Talia

Cards for Kindness

The ICA’s seasonal card campaign has gone year round and we’re collecting for the spring delivery now. Take a few moments to write a message of kindness on a few cards that will be delivered to a neighbour over the East Long Weekend. Donate blank or homemade cards, write messages in donated cards, help out at a cardmaking bee or make some deliveries. We collected 298 cards over the holiday campaign and we have a goal of 500 cards for the spring delivery. Cardmaking Bees take place at the same time as Shack Chat. Contact Talia

ICA Kid’s Club

Parents and caregivers of kids, do you ever wish you had a couple of hours at home without your kids? The ICA wants to provide an opportunity for you to drop off your elementary aged children (5 to 12) for an evening of crafting, game playing, movie watching, and general good times. All supervised by a certified childcare professional. Stay tuned for more information and the full program launch soon.

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