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When is the Newsletter Published?

The ICA Community Newsletter is published once per month except for January and August. Delivery is scheduled for the first week of each of the 10 months per year.

What Will Be Published?

The ICA Community Newsletter exists to inform residents of issues directly affecting Inglewood, provide residents and visitors information about upcoming events and local news, and provide a public platform for the expression of opinions related to those issues, events and news. Stories of general interest relating to the lives and activities of residents are also always welcome, including photos of local events & people.

What Will Not Be Published?

The ICA Newsletter is supported by paid advertising – as such, articles that advertise a specific business or service will not be published. Public Service Announcements not directly affecting Inglewood may also not be published, except in instances where the message is considered to be of vital importance to all Calgarians.

In all cases, final decisions as to what will or will not be published in the newsletter are made by the Editor and the ICA Board of directors.

How To Submit an Article

All submissions must be delivered via email to

Text may be delivered in the following ways:
  • As the body copy contents of the email message itself

  • As a file attachment in either MSWord (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.RTF)

  • The name of the author is required

Images may also be delivered as file attachments to the email message with the following reference information included in the related article:
  • Name of the photographer

  • Caption for the image, including names of people pictured wherever possible

  • Date/location of the photo

  • Images must be supplied in JPEG format

When to submit an article?

Submissions will be accepted up to and including the 10th day of each month preceding publication. For example, for a story to run in the May newsletter, it must have been received by the 10th of April.

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