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Inglewood Design Initiative

What is the Inglewood Design Initiative?

The IDI is a roadmap for Inglewood’s future. It’s a vision, soon to become a blueprint (2014), and eventually a binding statutory document. It’s a call to action to everyone who loves this community.

Download a full copy of the IDI (8 MB)

What is the prime goal of the IDI?

Inglewood, fully realized

To become the quintessential urban village, we encourage thoughtful, creative, high-quality development that enhances Inglewood’s rich character and reflects its values. 

Inglewood's Character & Values

  • Walkability: a captivating and highly social pedestrian environment, both urban and natural.

  • Main Street Charm: a beautiful retail main street, without gaps, from the Elbow River to 20th St SE.

  • Heritage: Calgary’s oldest community and original main street – history is alive and well here!

  • Liveability: a neighbourly, affordable place to live for a diverse and growing population.

  • Arts & Culture: a vibrant cultural destination that is home to many artists.

  • Safety & Comfort: safe streets, safe people, safe property – and many considerate touches.

  • A Desirable Place to Work: near downtown but a world apart.

  • The Mix: old and new, living and working, urban and natural, multimodal transportation choices, a range of affordability and building types to attract diverse residents and businesses.

  • The “Urban Village” Form: compact, connected, high quality, low-rise except in designated areas, designed for pedestrians and community life, built for centuries of flexible use and enjoyment.

  • Community: Civic engagement, inclusiveness, compassion and connectedness.

  • Environmental Stewardship: risk mitigation, conservation and responsible development.

  • And of course…Gumption! Inglewoodians will build and fight for this community with determination and passion, just as we’ve done for 120 years. 

Call to action

There’s a role for all in achieving Inglewood, fully realized. To learn how you can contribute your ideas and skills to any of these areas of focus, contact us

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