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Planning Committee

Inglewood Community Association's Planning Committee, comprised of community resident volunteers, reviews and provides feedback to residential and commercial development applications. The committee’s focus is on ensuring that new development respects and enhances Inglewood’s unique historical character as Calgary’s Original Main Street, established in 1875.

The committee meets monthly, typically on the first Wednesday of each month, to review any development applications. We also meet with developers, architects and homeowners to provide feedback on potential future projects. Community members and residents are welcome to attend meetings and provide input on developments that may impact their Inglewood property.

Please contact the ICA Planning Committee Chair, Erin Standen at for more info. 

Planning Process 

The Planning Committee has an obligation to provide oversight in a fair, responsive, transparent and consistent manner. We strive to develop consistent strategies to evaluate applications for development permits under the policies set by The City of Calgary (through its long-term development plans, Land Use Bylaw and permitting process) and with regard for our community needs. We do not set policy on community issues like densification, safety or lot size but can help frame community guidance on such issues as secondary suites.

Development applications that are fully compliant with the contextual rules under the existing Bylaw are automatically approved by The City without community review. This was intended to provide for the efficient permitting of projects without roadblocks while still maintaining stable communities although it sometimes has the unintended consequence of not filtering design issues that the ICA would like to comment on. Residents and prospective residents don’t have any input but rely on the Bylaws and zoning structure for confidence that the standards of their community will be protected within that process.

The existing structure also allows for exceptions (relaxations) of the Bylaw if a proposed development is deemed acceptable. A more detailed review of the permit application is then required to assess its overall impact and value. This is where the RDC gets involved facilitating owners, developers, neighbours and the community at large the opportunity to provide input. It is deemed not sufficient to get agreement from just the current neighbours as these terms stay with the property and affect all existing and future owners, neighbours and overall community development. Based on the feedback, the RDC votes whether to support the development or not. Then the committee chair puts forth our recommendation as a motion to community members for a vote at the monthly Inglewood General Meeting, the first Monday following the Redevelopment Committee meeting each month.


Inglewood Planning Committee

Inglewood Design Initiative (IDI)

The IDI was undertaken because, while a lot of the original ARP philosophies are still valid, more than anything it needed strengthening to give those aspirations enforceability. Since this result of community consultation was published, there have been iterations in its focus that will ultimately become the source for an amended ARP. Regardless of changes since, it’s a call to action and fascinating read for everyone who loves this community.

Atlantic Avenue Guidelines

Inglewood Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) are planning documents which set out comprehensive programs of land use policies and other proposals that help guide the future of individual communities.​

The Federation of Calgary Communities

The Federation of Calgary Communities, in collaboration with The City of Calgary assists community associations with navigating and understanding urban planning.

City of Calgary Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Website

Calgary's MDP and its accompanying maps contain policies that will shape how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. The MDP aims to build a city where people can choose from a variety of housing types in numerous unique communities. 

Calgary Transportation Plan

The MDP works together with the Calgary Transportation Plan to provide multiple transportation options so all Calgarians – whether travelling by car, bike transit or foot – are able to travel safely and conveniently to meet their daily needs.

Calgary Transit Green Line

Vision: A transit service that improves mobility in existing and new communities in north and southeast Calgary, connecting people and places, and enhancing the quality of life in the city.

City of Calgary Main Streets

Main streets are active areas that attract Calgarians to socialize, work, shop, dine, and celebrate local events. They are also often important transportation routes. The City’s Main Streets initiative will analyze the needs of neighbourhood residents, along with economic research, to identify success criteria for future growth in these areas.

City of Calgary Heritage Planning

The Calgary Heritage Strategy presents a new vision for historic preservation for The City. Calgary will be a place where The City works with a broad range of stakeholders to help build a culture of preservation. New development will continue and the best of the past will be integrated to create a hybrid of old and new that will be a source of civic pride and provide educational, environmental, social and financial benefits. 

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