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Inform yourself about the Guidebook NOW

March 17, 2021

The following is a reproduction of an advertisement that appeared in the Calgary Herald on Monday, March 15. Please note that the decision on the Guidebook will be made on March 22 so any correspondence should be into Council by end of day March 19. The ICA position on density is that we support increased density in a way that makes sense for our community: after all, we want to keep our schools open and support out local businesses. However, we wish to have control over where it is located and cannot support the destruction of our heritage main street through the approval of out of place towers, nor the placement of dwellings that shade, overlook and overwhelm our residential neighborhoods, destroying the quality of life that makes our community special.


If you share any of the concerns below ask your City Councillor to raise a motion to amend the current version of the Guidebook for Great Communities.

Lack of Meaningful Consultation with Residents

Calgarians care deeply about their neighbourhoods and many are shocked to hear about a new proposed planning document. If this is news to you, you are not alone. Many Calgarians are alarmingly unaware of these proposed changes. Meaningful engagement is necessary before the Guidebook is approved.

Single-Family Home Residential

Current zoning gives homeowners certainty about what types of buildings will be permitted in their neighbourhoods including what can be built next door. The Guidebook policies support the additions of much bigger multi-family buildings in residential communities.

The new policy for low-density residential development called “Neighbourhood Local” mixes housing forms (single-detached, duplexes, semi-detached and row housing) which could lead to changes to existing density, height, setbacks, lot sizes and lot coverage and puts mature trees at risk.

Community Development Plans

Existing community-based area redevelopment plans were designed to reflect the unique aspects of communities in which character, streetscapes and greenspaces inform guidelines for future development. Communities want to protect their character and have the ability to object to increased density.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach Does Not Work

The diversity of our neighbourhoods provides Calgarians CHOICE for different lifestyles. Not everybody wants to live in a high-density setting. Trying to make every neighbourhood the same, in ways that fail to consider community identity character-defining streetscapes and green spaces is a mistake.

City Councillors Need to Listen

Concerns, objections and thoughtful recommendations for amendments need to be expressed to city administration and councillors. If you want Calgary to continue to be a great place to live, it’s time to speak out against the Guidebook for Great Communities.



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