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Learn-To-Skate at the Inglewood Community Hall

The ICA Lean-to-Skate program will be open for registration on Nov 20 at noon on the ICA website. The program is progression based and will consist of 6 lessons over 8 weeks starting December 30 through to February 17.

The Learn to Skate program at the will be in partnership with Little Lemon Sports and held at the ICA Rinks. The program is structured to be flexible to accommodate skating in an outdoor environment. If the weather is too cold to skate or too warm for the ice, that day’s class will be rescheduled to the following week rather than canceled. This year there will be two entry level classes and one novice class. The novice class is structured to accommodate people who have skated a little, but want to learn more. It is especially suited for those who were in the beginner class last year.

The Community Hall has a limited supply of new skates and helmets for those who don’t have equipment, and we are pleased to loan them to those who need them. If cost is a barrier to participating, please contact the ICA office at or call 403-264-3835.

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