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Kids Community Soccer

Updated: Jun 14

UPDATED: June 14, 2021

Soccer will be starting Thursday June 8. We are currently still planning on running the ICA Community Kids Soccer under the Covid-19 format outlined below. This may change as we get closer to the date allowing us to include 2 and 3 year olds.

To Register:

Click on the membership button on our Home Page and login to your membership account. Or click on the following link to take you to the same place:

On your member page select 'Signup for an event'. If you don't have a valid ICA membership you will need to purchase one first.

Soccer Plan

Volunteers: Top of the list is a call out for volunteers. The soccer program can only run with volunteer support. There is a small variety of volunteer positions needing to be filled for us to run a soccer program within the Covid-19 restrictions. If you are interested and can help out please contact Talia Potter (the ICA Volunteer Manager) at


Age: 4 – 6 years

· We feel terrible that we can't include 2 and 3 year old's this year. Issues with mask wearing, social distancing and parental involvement on the soccer field make this age group more challenging than we can manage.

Fees: Free (If we must cancel at the last minute, we don’t want to have to refund everyone)

Start Date: Thursday July 8, 2021

Duration: 8 weeks


· Registration will be available on our website starting Monday April 18.

· An active membership is required to register your children.

· We can accommodate 45 children across 5 soccer fields, plus the 5 coaches. This is much less than the 90+ children that registered the last time (2019). We know that this may not be enough spaces to match interest, but it is the best we can do within the Covid-19 restrictions. The ICA is willing to run soccer again in the summer and fall if the interest is there from our community.

· Registration will not have a cap on the number of participants even though only the first 45 can be accommodated. This is to allow follow-up with families for a wait list and/or a second soccer season.

T-Shirts, water bottles and oranges:

· T-shirts, water bottles and oranges will not be available this year.

Washrooms: Closed

How this would work:

This plan was developed when the restrictions allowed 10 people in an outdoor group.

· Our field space has been laid out with 5 soccer fields.

· Each field is 3 meters or more away from each other. There is also a 3-meter perimeter surrounding the soccer fields to separate players and spectators.

· Each soccer space would have the 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds playing together, they will not be organized by age.

  • This means that with families of 2 or more children, the children would not be split up to the 4-year-old field and the 6-year-old field, but instead stay together on the same field. This keeps family cohorts together better and alleviates the need of parents to move back and forth between the fields.

  • For families with just 1 child registered, they would be placed in whichever of the 5 groups has space. This allows us to balance out the numbers across all 5 fields.

· Fields, spectator areas, and buffer zones will be marked with an environmental ground-marking paint. Signage will also be in place to help identify spaces and organize where families need to go.

· Families will know which field to go to before the soccer season begins, would stay with that field throughout the season, and be encouraged to enter the ICA grounds through one of the entrances close to their field. (NE community garden entrance, Street entrance past the office, Parking lot entrance, NW corner alley entrance)

· ICA volunteers will be on hand to help with directions, setup, and traffic flow (if needed).

· These volunteers will be wearing an identifiable vest.

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