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ICA Day Camps

Updated: Jun 14


The ICA wants to let you know that the Inglewood Community Association has partnered with Summit Kids to host week-long Day Camps for kids ages 4 - 12 out of the Inglewood Community Hall. Registration for these day camps will be prioritized to Inglewood and Ramsay families, as well as non-resident families from Piitoayis, Colonel Walker and Ramsay schools!

Update: June 14, 2021

Dates: July 5 – August 27

Time: 7:30am – 5:30pm

Location: ICA’s Dave Marshal Room. This room will be their home base, but the camps will be outdoors on the ICA grounds with possible field trips to local areas such as the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Inglewood Wildlands, Pierce Estates Park, etc. During times of bad weather when the children need to be inside, our Main Hall and/or Skate Shack will be made available to Summit to support Covid social distancing needs.

Cost: $320/week, less 20% for early registration (before June 1) = $256

Registration: Registration will be through Summit not the ICA.

Contacts: You are welcome to contact Summit directly by emailing or calling: 403-477-1122.

Other: Families will need to provide lunches and snacks for their children.

If you are interested in these Day Camps or have any questions please let us know so that we can keep you informed and facilitate registration for our Community.

Andrew Jackson

General Manager

Inglewood Community Association

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