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ICA AGM and Wine & Cheese

The ICA will hold their Annual General Meeting on September 26 at 7pm in the Main Hall of the Community Center, with a wine & cheese social following the meeting. This is always an important meeting for the Inglewood Community Association as it includes voting on any changes to our By-Laws, the election of our Board of Directors, any proposed changes to membership fees, presentation of our audited Financial Statements, and a review of our Society’s business over the past year.

Following up on the notice in our September Newsletter, the ICA Board will be proposing a $5 increase to our membership fees and a change to the Membership end date. Currently an ICA membership expires on Sept 30th of any given year, regardless of when that membership was purchased. We would like to change the membership expiration to 1 year after the date of purchase.

This year’s AGM will include a vote on these 2 membership changes:

1. A $5 increase in membership rates for Regular, Associate and Senior memberships.

2. A change in Membership end dates such that a membership would end 1 year after the date of purchase. Business will be followed by wine and cheese.

Hope to see you there!

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